Boom: Ted Cruz’s Brutal Hillary Joke Drops Jaws At CPAC

Republican Texas Sen. Ted Cruz appeared at CPAC on Thursday and sat down for a discussion on a wide range of topics with Ben Domenech of The Federalist.

At one point in the conversation, the “frustrating” failure to repeal Obamacare came up for discussion, and while Cruz had some serious things to say on the issue, he had a few jokes as well.

Cruz hearkened back to the 2016 campaign season and a quip from former President Bill Clinton while he was stumping at a rally for his wife and presidential candidate, Hillary Clinton. During the rally, the ex-president called the skyrocketing health insurance premiums under Obamacare the “craziest thing in the world.”

“It’s what led Bill Clinton to call Obamacare one of the craziest things in the world. About the only time I ever agreed with Bill Clinton … well, other than about Hillary,” Cruz joked to uproarious laughter and applause from the audience, according to The Daily Caller.

“I’m going to get in trouble for that one,” he added with a smile, no doubt aware of how the media would miss the point and overreact to the implication that Cruz supported Bill Clinton’s infidelity apart from his wife.

“You just might,” noted Domenech with a grin, according to the Washington Examiner.

Moments later, perhaps to deflect from those inevitable criticisms about overlooking or supporting infidelity from the hypocritical media, Domenech stated, “Well, Bill Clinton did want to go to Wisconsin and she didn’t listen to him then.”

With a sly laugh Cruz replied, “Yes, that’s what I meant.”

As noted by Louder With Crowder, other top moments from Cruz’s CPAC appearance included his blunt talk about going hard after known criminals to prevent future gun crimes, and his support for allowing trained teachers and school staff to carry concealed firearms.

The Texas senator also directly took on CNN, first for their anti-gun infomercial — I mean, town hall discussion — Wednesday evening, which was a wholly one-sided affair intended to bolster support for the left’s gun control narrative, but which likely backfired as the stacked audience rained down hate on the two defenders of the Second Amendment and NRA who appeared, Republican Florida Sen. Marco Rubio and NRA spokeswoman Dana Loesch.

But Cruz took particular aim at CNN host Chris Cuomo, who had recently called out Cruz on social media for avoiding the network out of fear, even as CNN refused to air an interview he had already done with them, and remarked that nobody “in the history of the universe” had ever been “afraid” of Cuomo.

You can watch the entire 20-minute discussion right here. The joke about Bill and Hillary Clinton occurs around the 13:40 mark:

Sen. Cruz is a pretty humorous guy, and he simply couldn’t resist taking a shot at the target-rich environment that is Bill and Hillary Clinton.

It shouldn’t be long before the liberal media launch an attack on Cruz for being “sexist” toward Hillary, as they continue to ignore or downplay Bill’s own well-documented sexist behavior.

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