New Song “BIG DON” Is Going Viral For All The Right Reasons

If you remember the song Big John, you’re gonna get a major kick out of this one.

The patriots over at Red Pilled Radio put together something great with this one.  A parody song to Big John called “Big Don”.

The lyrics are absolutely perfect and the recording is so well done.

Don’t you just love seeing American ingenuity at it’s finest?  All the Democrats can ever do is obstruct and complain.  They’re the “Party of No”.  Meanwhile, conservatives and especially the Trump Train goes out and creates!  We make things better.  We make things new.

It’s probably why there’s so much censorship on YouTube of conservatives.  Because if you look at the stats, the content put out by conservatives is wildly more popular than liberals.  So YouTube has resorted to extreme censorship of conservative channels.  So sad.  PragerU is even suing YouTube in a massive new civil lawsuit.  We can only pray that the truth wins and freedom of speech is restored!  Liberals can’t ever win the argument, so their only card to play is to try and silence us.  Meanwhile, we have our TRUMP card that we’re playing right through 2024 baby!

Speaking of Trump, please enjoy this awesome video, Big Don:

I don’t know about you, but I’ve downloaded the audio and I’ve got this bad boy on my iTunes playlist now!

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