Senate Votes 25-9 To Restore Your Most Important Constitutional Right, Libs Are Furious..

America was established on certain inalienable rights. We revolted from the oppression of European rule to protect those rights for each man, lady, and child. However today, Liberals crosswise over America look to obliterate our rights. The stage of the Democratic Party is to destroy our American values, supplanting them with Socialism. That implies the finish of all that we have confidence in.

For a long time, they’ve had their way. In any case, all that is evolving. We are seeing this all through the nation. Counting West Virginia. Its Senate as of late voted to protect our most principal right: the right to life.

The West Virginia Senate voted Friday in favor of a resolution that would allow the state government to restrict access to abortion by asserting the procedure is not and should not be a constitutional right.

The state Senate voted Friday to pass Senate Joint Resolution 12, which states “nothing in this Constitution secures or protects a right of abortion or requires the funding of abortion,” according to the Charleston-Gazette Mail…

Others don’t think so highly of the resolution and see it as an attack on women’s rights. “This is not an issue about women’s health, it’s about a political play. They are playing politics with women’s health care,” said Planned Parenthood South Atlantic director of public affairs Alisa Clements in a statement.

Do we truly trust the expressions of a Planned Parenthood lobbyist? Their association makes a fortune from the ending of a human life. They will state anything they can to ensure this primitive and abhorrence practice.

Liberals claim abortion is tied in with protecting ladies’ rights. Shouldn’t something be said about the rights of the individual in the womb? Half of all aborted youngsters and females. Don’t their rights tally?

This vote is an unmistakable sign that at any rate, a few legislators are tuning in. For a considerable length of time, Americans have contradicted abortion. They are shocked that such a training is permitted in the United States. At long last, we are seeing leaders stand firm.

Don’t imagine it any other way, abortion lobbyists will battle like there’s no tomorrow to ensure this malicious practice. They profit from it. They will state or effectively keep it.

Liberals will dump a lot of trash onto West Virginia over this vote. We have to remain with them and support it.

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