WATCH: Trump EMBARASSES Liberal Protester Who Threw Russian Flags During His Speech

On Friday, President Trump gave a raucous speech to the CPAC audience when a liberal protester started throwing Russian flags all over the venue.

The protester was escorted out of the building and President Trump cracked jokes and embarrassed the snowflake liberal in hilarious fashion. He even threw in a couple of jabs at the “fake news media” who he claimed would over-focus on the protester.

Watch below:

“How did he get in here, Matt?” Trump said to CPAC chairman Matt Schlapp.

Then, Trump savaged the protester and the fake news media.

“Just for the media, the fake news back there, they took very good care of him. They were very gentle,” he said.

“He was very obnoxious. It was only one person. So we have thousands of people here. So listen, tomorrow, the headline will be a “Protesters that disturb –” It was one person, folks. It doesn’t deserve a mention. Doesn’t deserve a headline. One person, he was very nice. We looked at him, he immediately left,” Trump added as the audience went nuts with laughter.

“He will say something, nobody hears them,” Trump continued.

“And then the crowd will start screaming at him, and then all of a sudden, we stopped, and that’s okay. You have to show your spirit, right? You have to show your spirit.”

Trump also made a hilarious joke about his hair during the speech:

“By the way, what a nice picture that is. Look at that,” Trump said while looking at the big screen monitor.

“I’d love to watch that guy speak. Oh boy.”

“Oh, I try like hell to hide that bald spot, folks,” the President continued.

“I work hard. It doesn’t look bad, hey, we’re hanging in. We’re hanging in there, right? Together, we’re hanging in.”

You can say what you want about our President, but he has one hell of a sense of humor! Comment below with your reaction…

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